The derelict-but-still-open Six Bells in Walsham

The derelict-but-still-open Six Bells in Walsham

Mick the Brick chats at the Mellis Railway bar

Fred tries on an old band jacket in the GSB hut

Molly Mog - Tiny Cat - roams around

Molly looks at something

A spoof newspaper headline in an empty shop

Harry gravitates to sweets in the Co-op

Isobel buys a few things in the co-op

The band sets up in the marquee at the Pennings

Isobel roams around in costume

The Gislingham Silver Band in a marquee

Kenny chats to Adrian

A barbeque occurs

Plastic ducks all lined up in rows

David buys a ticket for the duck race

The scene at the Scouts' duck race

Some of the band chat before the gig

Isobel works the crowds

Andy P chats to Julian

The Scouts gang before the ducks go in

Ducks are packed away again

A view of the Pennings

A US-Army Jeep

The Scouts set-up from the undergrowth