An old WWII shower block

An old WWII shower block

A view through the entrance arch

The luxury of a cast-iron bath

A dude dressed up in 18th-century gear

Fred waits down in a tunnel

Brickwork in a magazine tunnel

In the inner circular courtyard

The inside courtyard of Landguard Fort

Harry looks at stuff in the gift shop

Isobel roams around the English Heritage shop

Harry hugs a giant teddy bear

A clock mechanism, and a big bell

A Maersk container ship is towed up the river

The Ever Ace is loaded and unloaded

Brutalist concrete watchtowers

Inside a former gun room

Red fire buckets line up on a yellow wall

A recreation of a 1940s room

A green Welsh Dresser

More richly-peeling paintwork

Harry gets another hug of the giant teddy bear

Isobel roams around

Harry tries an old rotary-dial phone

An old wireless

Isobel and Fred dress up as soldiers

Harry's still on the phone

A container is plucked off the Ever Ace

Fred walks the shoreline near the port

Harry stands on a wall on Sea Road, Felixstowe

Harry flings stones into the sea

Harry and Fred on a wall by the beach

Fred does the ball-drop game in the Pier arcade

Felixstowe sea front

We stop off in the chipper for a take-away tea

We eat chips as we walk bvack to the car