There's an actual lizard on the porch

There's an actual lizard on the porch

A golden cow outside the butcher's in Debenham

A golden cow outside Palfrey and Hall

It's the last day of the Vauxhall garage in Diss

There's a cool old motorbike outside Turkuaz

Within a day, Thurlow Nunn looks derelict

The closed-down Thurlow Nunn garage on Victoria Road

Round the back of the old Vauxhall garage

There's some sort of trolley chaos at Morrisons

We head out to chop the Christmas tree down

Lucy - the lunatic kitten - surveys the garden

The Christmas tree has been installed

Fred's playing flute in the panto band

Harry is Little Boy Blue

Mother Goose - The panto Dame - makes an appearance

Action in Pantoland

Mother Goose - the pantomime dame

Amelia and Grace

Suzanne plays an evil witch

Isobel and Soph the Roph

Mother Goose has found a golden egg

Harry's got a margarine-tub collecting tin

Fred watches some table football

Harry comes around collecting

The Community Centre on the Town Moors

Harry plays table footie

Harry looks over whilst on stage

Harry and Baron Hardup

The coin-toss coin has fallen through the stage

Mother Goose in action

Suzanne sings an evil song

Harry does a skeleton dance to Thriller

Fairy Snow whispers in Peter Pan's ear

Mother Goose and Baron Hardup

There's an all-cast singing moment

'Nick' and 'Nack' do a bit of flossing

More spirited hoofing on stage

Some flowers are presented at the end

Suzanne gets some flowers

Mario asks to turn the house lights on

The cast, band and assorted helpers

Harry gets his eye in as Fred looks on

Suzanne by the other bar

Harry cues up on the pool table

Molly kitten helps with Christmas decorating

Cat in a box

Molly's found a load of things on strings