The Bedingfield Alms Houses on Lambseth Street

The Bedingfield Alms Houses on Lambseth Street

We're off in the woods again

Harry runs around

A big pile of pallets acts as a bike ramp

Fred runs up to a mud ramp

The pile o' pallets

Graffiti on the chicken factory's shed

More chicken-shack graffiti

The boys mess around

An old bike has been left in case anyone wants a go

Fred sticks his hands up in despair

Rubbish: the literal bin

We walk past the old railway station back into Eye

The old railway-station buildings

The old fire station on Yaxley Road

The old Eye fire station

Buildings that might have been shops once

The gang wander around by the Community Centre

The back of the old fire station

The sign for the Town Moors has seen better days

A wrecked bicycle is slowly consumed by mud

Isobel and Harry

A curious wooden installation

Ripples on a pond

Lines of winter wheat poke up from the soil

A little stream

A derelict hut

Walking down Park Lane

A ramshackle corrugated-iron shed

A derelict caravan in a field

A large shed has been mostly crushed by trees

An abandoned 1983 Land Rover is in quite good nick

There's a derelict Volkswagen Transporter van

Isobel gets some eggs on Lowgate Street

No progress has been made on the derelict house

We wander back up Lowgate Street

Eye and District Volunteer Centre, Cross Street

Harry wants the big inflatable Santa snow globe

The old Posting Establishment

Harry looks at Christmas socks in The Handyman

Milling around outside the Handyman

Walking down to the town hall

A K6 phone box hides away outside the Town Hall

Harry looks at the War Memorial

There's a nice sunset over the field

The wind turbines spin in the evening glow