A Walk up Rapsy Tapsy Lane, Eye, Suffolk - 9th May 2020

We make another attempt to reach Rapsy Tapsy Lane, which we succeed in and find that it was completely worth the effort, as it's a lovely spot. Before that, there's another family-only barbeque

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Isobel does a paella

Nosher's homebrew is keeping us going

Harry's on a tablet again

The house from the field

Fred does a marshmallow

Boris is back-lit

Fred tries out the lawnmower for the first time

In Eye, we walk past the old council offices

Isobel and Harry on the Yaxley Road

We pass a thatched cottage

Fred spots some sort of insect on the road

Isobel and Harry wait again

A derelict house

The wind turbines and a field of barley

Isobel and Harry walk down the road

The 'no horse and buggy' sign is almost overgrown

Rapsy Tapsy Lane is a bit overgrown

Isobel looks back

We make it to the bridge over the stream

Time for a mini picnic

The view at the bridge

Fred eats some sort of sugar string thing

Fred raids the backpack for more food

The gang on the lane

An abandoned oil canister

Harry runs back and forth

Isobel and Fred

A dessicated and squashed rabbit

The WWII fuse hut again

An orange-tipped fritillary

Fred takes another photo

Isobel looks back as we walk the tractor lines across a field

A tangle of concrete reinforcing wire

We're early back at Hartismere

Harry and Isobel on Castleton Way

A solitary poppy

There's a pair of pilot sunglasses up a tree

Fred walks past the chicken-factory graffiti

Some nice lilac flowers

The old railway-station buildings, now part of the chicken factory

A nice flint wall

Near the Queen's Head in Eye

A well-worn sign

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Isobel does a paella