The Lockdown Desertion of Diss, and a Bike Ride up the Avenue, Diss and Brome - 19th April 2020

Grace and Sophie set up a treasure hunt for the boys to follow when they're not there, then there's a trip to Diss to get some food, as well as see the desertion of what should be a busy market town on a Saturday. Except it's deserted, like 7am on a Sunday morning or something. After that, we head out for some family exercise for a bike ride up the avenue to Eye

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The boys follow clues that the girls have left

Harry runs around the Oaksmere's grounds

Fred hugs a tree

Harry's hair flails in the wind

A tree in blossom

Fred and Harry find another clue

Fred sits on the empty pirate ship

Market Place in Diss is a bit quiet

St. Nicholas Street is devoid of cars

Mount Street is also empty

Down on the market place

There are more cars than people

The Market Place

The old petrol station on Stuston Road has been emptied

The Town Hall in Eye is flying an NHS flag

Isobel and Harry on the Avenue

Isobel and Harry

We stop off to pick up some ice creams

We hide out in the church yard for a few minutes

Isobel and Harry head up the Eye road, past 119's sign

The Old Swan, taken in the middle of the road, with no traffic in the way

Fred on the road to Brome

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The boys follow clues that the girls have left