A Week in Nandos, Bayswater, London - 26th February 2020

Well, it's not a week as such, but Nosher actually manages to be at the London office for two separate lunchtime trips to Nando's, up the road in Bayswater, within seven days. The first is for Helal's leaving do, whilst the second is for the six-weekly "code clean-up day", which would normally be missed because it's on a Thursday, but has been bumped this week to Wednesday. Score.

next album: Fred's Flute Exam, Ipswich, Suffolk - 5th March 2020
previous album: Sunday Lunch at The Four Horseshoes (of the Apocalypse), Thornham, Suffolk - 22nd February 2020

The gang heads out past the Sheldon Square Pit

It's a bit rainy at the top of Sheldon Square

Hak looks round in our funky Nando's cubicle

The SwiftKey posse roam down Westbourne Grove

The 1930s Queens building

Rainy street life on Queensway

The old Witheleys department store has been hollowed out

Colourful trackside graffiti

Another trackside refuge that's not very refugey

A group of well-tagged electrical cabinets

More urban decay and graffiti

10Foot in action, and some epic silver graffiti

We hang around by the lifts on level 8, for trip 2

Praveen and Ben on Westbourne Grove

Tehmur scopes the menu out

A view of Westbourne Grove

Nando's action

We get some hummus that looks just like ice cream

The gang in Nando's

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The gang heads out past the Sheldon Square Pit