Snowdrops at Talconeston Hall, Tacolneston, Norfolk - 7th February 2020

There's a sort-of Snowdrop festival at Tacolneston Hall, which opens for a single day a year in order to let people have a poke around in the grounds.

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Fred outside Larter and Ford in Diss

Classic old-school ironmongers, Larter and Ford

Pigeons on the roof

There's almost a lawn growing out of the guttering

Beales department store in Diss is another casualty of the economy

A classic old Cortina drives through Diss

Harry hangs on to the trolley

The boys in Morissons

We head off to Tacolneston Hall

Some sort of pumping station

Fred looks at a K6 phone box

Silvery trees in a blue sky

A massive gnarled oak

Walking up the long drive to the hall

The impressive Tacolneston Hall

A view over the pond

An iron chair

We roam around the snowdrops

More snowdrops

Winter woods

Fred looks around for a photo

Megan, Isobel and Allyson

Fred does a bit of whittling

A random statue in the woods

The gang in the woods

Fred photos the flowers

The snowdrops of early spring

Fred holds up a dropped snowdrop

The quaint old part of Tacolneston Hall

There's some messing around in an ornamental pond

The sundial is actually telling the right time, more or less

The gardener's shed

A distressed window

A door into the potting shed

A very rustic garden gate

A wrought-iron bench

The bench looks like some sort of iron spider web

The lord of the manor provides tea and biscuits

Pointy topiary in the setting sun

The bridge over the pond

The gang leabe the hall

Reflections in the pond

Harry scratches his initials into a log

Harry wanders up the drive

Fred outside the house

Harry's doing some more whittling outside

Around the kitchen table

Storm Ciara lashes next door

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Fred outside Larter and Ford in Diss