Norwich in Ninety, and Christmas Trees, Norwich and Diss - 8th December 2019

Not named after the two trains a day that Greater Anglia manages to get between Norwich and Liverpool Street in 90 minutes because they don't actually stop anywhere in-between, but more because that's about how long Nosher and Harry get in Norwich, whilst Isobel's away in Ireland and Fred's off doing some indoor climbing or something. And so we get in a trip to Jarrold's toy department so that Harry can look at some unfeasibly large and expensive Lego sets, followed by a bit of sushi off conveyor belts in Yo! Sushi in Chapelfield. But first, there are Christmas trees to sort out

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Down at the Sheldon Pit near the Paddington office, a big Tipi combination tent has been set up

The Sheldon Square tree, and Nosher's office in the middle

Down at Diss Garden Centre, there's one big tree that seems to be calling

The boys inspect the tree, which comes with actual pine cones

Harry leans on a tree

Fred and some Christmas trees

Poinsettias are also very Christmassy

Fred pokes a dangling star

Harry and Isobel look at baubles

Harry's picked a bauble

The urban joys of St Giles Car Park

St Giles Street

A decorated building on Rampant Horse Street

in Yo! Sushi

Harry has a slurp as conveyor-belt sushi trundles by

Conveyor belt lunch

The gaff from up the stairs

Harry climbs on some under-used bike racks

Gentleman's Walk

The famous Norwich light tunnel

Harry's not impressed by the rain

The market traders' tarpaulins nearly get blown away in a squall

A huge Lego dude in Jarrold's

Harry looks at implausibly-expensive Lego, as we have a second look at toys

There's a cool Lego Saturn V In Jarrold's

Harry points at stuff he might like

Gaol Hill in Norwich

An odd shop window with virtually nothing in it

Harry waits for the lift

Harry legs it to the car

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Down at the Sheldon Pit near the Paddington office, a big Tipi combination tent has been set up