Isobel's mushrooms are doing well

Isobel's mushrooms are doing well

Prět à Pousser mushrooms in a box

Boris - Stripey Cat - stares out of the back door

A tree and a carpet of leaves

Nice autumn leaves on the Albana walk

Harry's got a big stick

Harry and Fred look at dens

Harry looks up at a den

Harry and Isobel wander off

We roam the woods

A view of the Suffolk countryside

Isobel, Fred and Harry tread a misty path

Harry and Fred take a break

The boys climb a tree

Bright green hedges

Fred points to a stump that looks like a fish head

Ribbony fungi

Some more fungi, which look like sea-shells

A twisty tree stump

A carpet of autumn, picked out by the low sun

We find some huge mushrooms off the path

Our first close-up of the truly epic scaffolding

The boys look at books in the NT shop

Harry and Isobel in the NT shop

We stop for a hot drink and snacks in the Orangery

Harry looks up

Outside, there's a cute baby in a plant pot

Harry peers out of the window

In the cellars of Ickworth

Some of Ickworth's epic plumbing

Fred peers into an underground water tank

Christmas socks

Harry wants a go of Santa's chair

Fred nabs the prime seat yet again

The coat's a bit oversized, but the hat fits

A kitchen range is explained

Harry pokes an old recipe book

The boys are back at the knives and stabbing weapons

Down the bricked corridors of 'below stairs'

The boys leg it up the stairs

Fred looks at calendars back in the NT shop

Some of the old and new roof tiles

Outside there are loads more tiles in boxes

A tree is lit up in purple

Sheep graze in an autumn scene

A brave soul reads a book outside

A purple urn in the stumpary

Isobel, Harry and Fred in the illuminated stumpery

More purple trees

Isobel roams around in the lights

A tree stump is lit up in red

The rotunda is quite different with its covering

Twinkly lights on the way to a garden shelter

There are thousands of scaffolding poles involved

The Ickworth orangery

We walk back past the orangery