The grand sandstone ruins of Kenilworth Castle

The grand sandstone ruins of Kenilworth Castle

The original castle keep

We inspect an information sign

Isobel and Harry roam around in front of the older keep

Plants grow on what would have been a window seat

Fred takes an over-the-edge photo

The village of Kenilworth

One of the towers built for Elizabeth I's visit


A pause for a break

A plane flies over as a pigeon sits on a wall

Fred inspects some awesome sanstone erosion

A bear with a ragged stump in the garden

The Italianate garden

Isobel checks her phone

Harry in the garden

Atlas appears to be carrying a sea mine on his back

Isobel peers into an aviary

A small yellow bird in the garden aviary

Late summer flowers in the garden

The gang roam about

inside the stables - now the visitors' centre

Fred wanders about in the museum

Fred runs about some old building foundations

Fancy oak work in the stables

Isobel looks out over a stream

The boys want to cross via the stepping stones

Back in the hotel room, the boys do some more Lego

In the evening, the boys scope the menu out

Harry gets a hug

Grandad comes back from the bar with a drink

Pre-dinner drinks

The 69th and wives get up for a group photo

The photographer wrangles together a group shot

A group photo of the 69th Entry, plus partners

The guy from formerly-known-as-Ceylon and his wife

The guests re-assemble in the hotel foyer

Grandad holds court

The group begins the long trek to dinner

Isobel and Fred

Grandad and stick

Seating for dinner

The Royal Entry badge and RAF ensign

A pre-dinner introduction

The speech continues

Animated conversation

Isobel does some sort of Mother Theresa impression

Fred learns how to be a sommelier

Some of the history of the 69th is inspected

Grandad flicks through some history

A photo of Grandad and a Gloster Meteor

More history browsing

Isobel wins a book about narrow-guage railways

Auld Lang Syne occurs

Grandad joins in

More arm swinging

Linked arms break up into clapping

Some photos are pinched out of the history collection

Fred heads off to bed

The boys at breakfast

Isobel and Harry do breakfast

One of Grandad's mates comes over for a chat

We gather around by the hotel's water feature

Fred looks up at the steel waterfall

We find an abandoned bit of old A143 on the way home