The GSB and the Lord Mayor's Parade, Eye, Suffolk - 23rd June 2019

A new water main, connecting Eye to the main in Brome, is laid right across the field, and a week or so later an all-in-one trenching machine comes along to bury it - hopefully deep enough so that it doesn't get ploughed up again. Then Nosher and Fred are on their second march with the Gislingham Silver Band, this time for the Lord Mayor's parade in Eye. In the town hall afterwards is spotted a copy of the Charter of Eye - Suffolk's oldest document - which Nosher actually had the privelege to handle the original of back in around 1998, when first digitising it for the Suffolk County Council website. It was signed by Herbert Losinga, the bishop of Norwich, in 1119 - 900 years ago and just 53 years after the Norman Conquest. Finally, the BSCC splinter group rides out on a 26 mile (ish) spin to North Lopham.

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Fred's got a picture up on the fence, with a stripey cat on it

Harry points to his picture

Graffiti covers almost every surface down near Brick Lane in London

Some wall-based graffiti is almost covered by plants

The bridge over the Waveney, between Stuston and Diss, is closed for a month

Looking back over the bridge into Norfolk

A new 315mm water main is laid over the fields from Eye to Brome

The new water main snakes its way over the 100-acre field towards Eye

Harry suddenly takes an interest in playing the piano

Harry and the G-Unit down on Lambseth Street in Eye

Harry takes his Beavers scarf off

The band heads off up Lambseth Street

Fred and Nosher in the band

There's a gathering outside the town hall

The new mayor walks around

The drum major outside the church

Fred hangs around with the band

The rest of the parade turns up

Fred with his music

Nosher wrangles his 1973 Imperial cornet and music

The band heads off back into Eye

Nosher and Fred

The mayor again

Passing the Bank arts centre

The GSB marches through town, past the old White Horse pub

The GSB passes Cocoa Mama chocolate shop

There's a post-march mingling in the town hall

The town hall has a new roof

The mayor mingles

A copy of the Charter of Eye, dating from 1119

The trenching machine arrives to bury the water main under ground

The pipe is checked as it's buried

The 'splinter' BSCC group arrives at the North Lopham King's Head

Marticle and Isobel chat, as The Boy Phil reads the paper

Paul at the bar

There's an interesting cactus in the gents' bogs

We saddle up for the ride back

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Fred's got a picture up on the fence, with a stripey cat on it