Elvis Lives! (in a Brewery), Station 119, Eye, Suffolk - 29th March 2018

New-ish US-style micro-brewery "Station 1-1-9" holds an official "new premises" party up at its warehouse on Eye Airfield industrial estate. The problem is that we're cycling and the weakest beer - which is a robust 5.something % - runs out straight away, leaving beers of 6.4% and up. At least there's an entertaining Elvis-based entertainer on hand to distract us from the impending doom and lost weekend...

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When we get there at 7.30 ish, the bar is already packed

The stage is set

Isobel gets a pizza

Maturation tanks

One of the owners pulls a pint

Warehouse crowds

'Elvis' introduces himself

Elvis has the look of a younger Dustin Hoffman about him

Elvis points to the crowd

A real 'Vegas' moment

Suey looks at something on Martin's phone

Isobel talks to the other owner

Elvis is still doing his thing

Elvis and the Station 119 staff get on stage for a photo

The cycling posse, plus extra

The gang chat amongst the tanks

Station 1-1-9's 'mission statement'

Bottles of beer

Isobel and Suey are back at the bar, as the Boy Phil looks on

The moon over the brewery

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When we get there at 7.30 ish, the bar is already packed