Railway Miscellany and Harry's Cake, London and Suffolk - 28th March 2018

A round-up of railway graffiti, as well as Harry's birthday cake

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Just outside Ilford, the 'Cathedral Express' Class 47 lurks

Dark skies over the Thames, near Blackfriar's Bridge

It's not really much of a refuge

Even when this was first put up at Maryland Station, it probably looked hideous

Track-based crane and graffiti

The old Truman pub sign

Graffiti from 'Dome'

This view of the City slowly disappears as new flats are built in the way

Harry reaches over for a birthday sandwich

Isobel lights some candles

Sparkler cake action

Harry blows his candles out asn Grandad looks on

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Just outside Ilford, the 'Cathedral Express' Class 47 lurks