A Couple of Trips to Norwich, Norfolk - 31st March 2018

Various combinations of the gang end up in Norwich two days on the trot - first Nosher and the boys go up as Harry wants to buy some more Lego with his birthday money, then all of us are up the following day to watch Peter Rabbit at the cinema

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Harry's science experiment kit makes a cool snowflake

Millie - invisible cat - looks up

Fred's made a nice 3-d map of South America from stuff

On the escalator at Jarrolds in Norwich

Fred tries out a nice sofa

Fred points out some options

Harry's happy with his choice of Ninjago Lego

Harry's bag is nearly bigger than he is

Outside Jarrold's on London Street - the first pedestrianised road in the UK

Pottergate, by St. John Maddermarket

Some nice building/street art on Pottergate

A goat kid mural off Pottergate

Further along Pottergate, near the Grosvenor Fish Bar

Banksy-esque graffiti in the homelessness endurance event

There are some funky chairs outside the Grosvenor Fish Bar - the last hold-out from the 1980s on Pottergate

The old Pottergate Tavern - now known as The Birdcage

K6 phonebox on the junction of St. Gregory's Alley and St. Benedict's

The boys mess around in Cooke's Band Instruments on St. Benedicts

Green street art on an art shop

Two churches and a cathedral over the top of St. Andrew's car park in Norwich, once home to 'a pub for every day of the week, and a church for every Sunday'

Grandad roams around on Riverside

The gang heads into the Odeon cinema

The G-Unit peruses the menu in Pizza Hut

Harry's at the all-you-can-eat salad bar

Harry messes around

Fred looks surprised

Isobel supervises a trip to the ice-cream factory

In the depths of a car park

Isobel gets Nosher a lovely chocolate fish from Cocoa Mama in Eye

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Harry's science experiment kit makes a cool snowflake