A random photo of a prototype Nokia 7110

A random photo of a prototype Nokia 7110

Andrew has a turn at sledging

Fred in the snow

Harry looks back as he heads back home

Fred's enjoying the fresh snow

Fred roams around in the garden

The orchard

It's a proper white-out

Fred stands by the shed

Fred makes a proper snow angel

Harry looks like he's waist deep

Harry tries to eat snow

Harry eats snow as it falls from the sky

Harry opens up the boys' garden house

Next-door's walnut tree, backlit and snow-encrusted

Harry peers out of his house

Harry clears snow off the roof

The Oaksmere's new entrance

The no-entry signs are the only colour

Oaksmere, under a blanket of snow

The Oaksmere's topiary

It's officially 18cm of snow

There's a spot of sledging near lunchtime

The adults chat

Fred gets pulled around

Sledging near the lake

Rachel gives Isobel a push

Isobel slides off

Isobel slides down the hill