More March Snow and a Postcard from Diss, Norfolk - 3rd March 2018

It's Day Four of the "Beast From the East", and there's still a good pile of snow around - having reached nearly 20cm by the end of Wednesday night - so Fred heads over to the Oaksmere again to do some more sledging. By Saturday, the snow's melting, but there's still a bit around for a trip to Diss.

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Icicles on the house

The gang heads off to the Oaksmere for more sledging - Harry has his precious ball of stolen snow in tow

Fred outside the Oaksmere, with sledge at the ready

The bottom half of a snowman

Fred's at the top of a hill

Look Ma! No hands!

Meanwhile, a bunch of kids are towed around by an SUV

More snow falls overnight

Millie Cat is not impressed, and finds the only spot in the garden with no snow to stand on

Morrison's in Diss

The top of Mere Street

Mere Street in Diss

The ducks are a bit fed up

The Mere and the park

Diss Publishing bookshop

Diss Market Place, and Beales Department Store

Pump Hill is still quite snowy

St. Nicholas Street

Diss Church has some epic icicles going on

The B1077 from Diss is still bad in places

Snowdrifts encroach on the B1077

Church Street in Eye

Church Street, looking back towards the church and school

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Icicles on the house