L'Aquarium de Barcelona, Port Vell, Catalonia, Spain - 23rd October 2017

The second full day of our Barcelona trip sees us visit the aquarium down at Port Vell. In the evening, the boys go for a sleep-over at Evelyn and Louise's apartment, so we get an actual night off to go out for beer and tapas.

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There are a lot of pro-independence flags everywhere

A CND symbol/peace sign

Outside the old Baile Apolo, some sort of film making occurs

A massive spaced brick wall

An ode to ancient Nokia phones, in graffiti

More street art graffiti

Some graffiti is painted over

Christopher Columbus points the way

Boats in the marina

An interesting floating art work, which looks like a giant Subbuteo player

Some Russian oligarch's mega-yacht is moored up alongside a hitel

Harry and Fred run around

In the aquarium

A writhing throng of Murray eels

A Nautilus - relative of the ancient Ammonite

Black, white and yellow fish

A striking yellow fish with blue stripes

A shark with a hideous toothy grin

Isobel looks at fish

Under the shark tunnel

A shark swims overhead

Fred pops up

A penguin swims about

Some kind of poison dart frog

An amazingly-coloured chamaeleon

Fred picks a toy

Bright silvery bean-bag toys

Outside the aquarium with Noddy and Gilly

A geodesic dome

Reflections of the street in mirrored glass

Noddy queues up for a hotdog

The French-style Port of Barcelona building

Fred gets a slushy

Harry eats a hotdog

A nice flower

A plant-covered bicycle

New start art is painted

Street scene, off Paral•lel

We roam around past the graffiti of Paral•lel

The Teatre Victoria

Derelict building

We meet up with Jen Mac and Dan

A dog gets a drink

Fred does some drawing outside Can Eusebio

Louise has a Sangria slurp

Comedy Moose art

An idiot pigeon

Back on Nou Rambla

Spiders and sharks, in street art

The unexpected: a car servicing garage on Carrer Blai

Barcelona street

A nice Art Deco-style light

Fred and Harry in the apartment

The view from above

Our apartment has the most absurd vacuum-powered tube lift, about big enough for two people

Fred's new gecko

Isobel on the balcony, up in the trees

Louise and Evelyn, down on the street

The car park lift in our local square is covered in 'Hello republic' and 'hello new country' posters

In the evening, some sort of gathering occurs

The Guárdia Urbana come over to see what's up

There's more a police presence around, on account of the whole Catalan seperatism bid

Carrer de Blai in the evening

Our first designated tapas bar for the evening - Zodiaco

We move on a few doors up for some slightly more up-market tapas

Isobel sticks a photo on WhatsApp

Jen Mac and Isobel

Carrer de Blai is a lot quieter late at night

Nosher and Isobel stop off at Redrum for another of their tasty Margueritas

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There are a lot of pro-independence flags everywhere