A Barcelona Bus Tour, Catalonia, Spain - 25th October 2017

It's the last full day in Barcelona (for the boys, at least) so we do the hop-on/off bus tour. It's certainly epic and has many longeurs, but you do get to see quite a lot of the city. For a longer detour, we stop off at Gaudí's failed Garden City attempt Parc Guëll for a look around, and dodge a bullet by not visiting La Sagrada Familia, which is utterly heaving, and instead drive right past the front for probably a better view than you could get on the ground.

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Louise and Harry

Louise and Harry cram in to the tiny lift

Back on the streets

The three chimneys

The naval headquarters building

We wait at the bus stop for the tourist bus

Some unusual three-wheelers roar around

View from the top of the bus

A Miro statue

Some bloke dangles from a crane

The marina, and the Museu d'Historia

Barcelona's original water tower

Barcelona's railway station

Broken window panes

Striking early 20th-century architecture

A 1960s office block

Looking down the top of La Rambla

The Manteros - the 'blanket men' selling fake goods - are moved on by the Mossos d'Esquadra

A Gaudi building

Gaudi's last domestic apartment project

Dong Fang - extreme Orient

Detail of two of the Sagrada towers

Architectural fruit

The ever-present cranes

Isobel and Fred outside Cafeteria El Bravo

Harry sticks his tongue out

Fred does some leg stretches up a wall

The boys choose postcards

That's one way to get around town on a bike

Some sort of derelict memorial

The entrance to Parc Guëll

The boys do some swinging

Outlined leaves in the sun

More borderline-bizarre Gaudi architecture in Parc Guëll

Scribed Aloa Vera leaves

A view of the city

The boys meet a headless man

Some music occurs

Harry and Isobel

Fred is impressed by some rock hard ancient tree

More Gaudi stuff

The bus goes through a low tunnel

Freedom for Catalonia graffiti

All around the route, loads of the free earphones have been abandoned on the top of bus shelters

Fred and Isobel have the look of Ennui

One of Barcelona's 'hard' squares

the Plaça d'Espanya

Nice graffiti

Dudes in a square do some stunt skateboard filming

Gilly and Noddy outside Zodiaco

Louise and Evelyn

Noddy and Da Wheeze

The gang (or most of it)

Harry is all tuckered out

A 1906 apartment block

Isobel checks her bag

A hillside cemetary on the way out to the airport

El Prat's marble floors look like water

The boys play with Lego in our 'bag fort'

Harry is not that well hidden

Control tower

El Prat from the air

Another plane streaks past, not that far away

West London from the air

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Louise and Harry