Ceol Agus Craic, Lios Póil, Kerry, Ireland - 6th August 2017

In the morning, we drive just up the road to Minard Beach, home of the mid-16th Century Minard Castle, the remains of which defied Cromwell's attempt to destroy them with explosives in 1650. It's pretty rainey, but it's still a nice hour or two messing around, where the boys discover an actual Sea Monster - a smelly blob of mutant tentacles which turn out to be a load of Goose barnacles stuck to a rope. Then, after the Féile Lios Póil in the nearby community centre, the village de-camps to O'Sullivan's bar just up from the house, where not only is there some trad music, but it's also the semi-final of the all-Ireland Hurling championships on TV, featuring vaguely-local Galway versus Tipperary.

next album: Lispole and the Féile Lios Póil, Kerry, Ireland - 4th-6th August 2017
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Isobel inspects Minard Beach

The boys run around in the rain

A wet Minard Castle, wrecked by Cromwell's army

The boys discover a 'sea monster' - a huge blob of Goose barnacles clinging together on a rope

Minard beach

The beach displays some epic geology, including fossilised sand dunes from an ancient desert

Harry stands next to the rocks

Fred waves a giant bit of seaweed around

Soggy beach

Bright red lifebuoy and Minard Castle

The boys watch telly in the lounge of the holiday house

A holiday kitchen, and its amazing views

Fred gets the beers in

There's some trad going on in O'Sullivan's bar

The back of the bar is packed with 70s and 80s icons

Fern, Faith, Fred and Harry

Faith shouts about something

Philly and Davida

Harry looks shocked

More fiddling

Nosher's pint of Guinness

Fern whispers something to Fred

The kids hang around

Nosher visits the chipper in the car park to get some sort of 'tea'

Davida roams around in front of the chipper

We head back to the house

Philly and Faith meet the donkeys, and 'Headey' the Alpaca

Faith gets a stroke

Walking up the road from Kate's Cross

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Isobel inspects Minard Beach