A Day in Lavenham, Suffolk - 22nd January 2017

Isobel spots a match for our 1970s retro G-Plan glass cabinet in the shape of a 1.8 metre-long G-Plan sideboard, which resides in a shed near Lavenham. So after a trip to pick it up, we swing by the town for a poke around

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Fred, Harry and Isobel wander in to Lavenham

Outside the very yellow Little Hall

Fred points at something in the National Trust café by the Guildhall

Isobel in the café

The gang roam around in the guildhall gardens

Harry writes something down

Some wool is spun

Some of the local wool, dyed with various plant and mineral extracts

Harry looks around

Fred in the cellar reads something about Saxons

Fred tries out the stocks in the Bridewell

Harry gets a demonstration of thumb screws

Harry dresses up in period gear - shame the trousers are a little big

Some of Francis Lingard Ranson's photographs of Lavenham

Fred and Harry do a spot of typing

Lavenham's market place

Fred and Harry scoff sweets

The boys find a playground

On the swings

Fred's high up on a swing

Harry and Isobel on a roundabout

A miniature gasometer

Fred looks a bit 'meh'

A door within a door

Bright mustard yellow

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Fred, Harry and Isobel wander in to Lavenham