Christmas Day in Blackrock, Dublin, Ireland - 25th December 2015

Christmas Day rolls around, in which Evelyn and Noddy attempt to do the annual Christmas Day swim in Dublin Bay, but the tide is extra-high and the seas are far too rough. Elsewhere in the kitchen, the lack of plates, knives, pans and a fully-functional cooker add to the fun of doing Christmas dinner, but it all works out in the end.

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Jamie constructs his prawn-based starter in the kitchen

Isobel undertakes that most traditional of Christmas Day tasks: preparing sprouts

Fred and Harry open presents on Christmas Day morning

Fred shows off his new guitar

Fred looks surprised as Harry gets a Transformer (Robots in the skies)

Fred shows off some Lego Technic

More present opening occurs

Noddy and Evelyn head back from the sea wall having abandoned an attempt to do a Christmas Day swim

It's a little rough for swimming out in Dublin Bay

Noddy heads back of Graffiti Bridge

The intrepid nearly-swimmers head back up to Seafort Parade

It's a melée of present opening

Harry and Fred get Light Sabres

Nicholas just hangs around looking nonplussed

Meanwhile, the kitchen is quiet

Nosher models his new tee shirt

Evelyn shows off her new steering-wheel cover

Isobel and all the siblings

Nicholas - the Baby Nicholas - with Haryanna

A crazy crowd with two crazies on the front row

Fred keeps doing his crazy eye thing

Da Wheeze makes a break for it

Annalua and Harry sit at their own special table

Harry almost disappears amongst some checked material

Fred looks up whilst Da Wheeze ad Evelyn look like they've had an argument

Louise and a candle

Fred models a cracker moustache

Noddy looks a bit wrecked

Fred does some drawing

One of Louise's old cartoons shows a baby Isobel climbing out of the window

Isobel's impromptu pint glass

Fred leaps off his bed

The yellow streetlight picks out the window frame

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Jamie constructs his prawn-based starter in the kitchen