Abbey Gardens in Autumn, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk - 27th October 2015

Day two of half term, and it's off to Bury St. Edmunds for pizza and a wander around Abbey Gardens

next album: The 38th Norwich Beer Festival, Norwich, Norfolk - 28th October 2015
previous album: A Day at High Lodge, Brandon Forest, Suffolk - 26th October 2015

Harry in Pizza Express on Abbeygate Street

Fred slurps apple juice

Fred sticks a Halloween mask on

Harry has a go with his pumpkin mask

Fred puts some card discs in his eye sockets and looks a bit like the crazy teacher from Gerald Scarfe's version of The Wall

There are a load of wolves in various forms scattered around Bury

A topiary wolf

The boys stand in front of a carved wooden wolf

Running around a tree

Harry legs it towards the abbey ruins

Fred on the water pump

An overgrown wilderness behind a strong steel fence

Ruins within autumn trees

More autumn leaves

Fred on a wall

Harry and Fred in the leaves

The boys mess around on a giant stainless-steel teardrop

Multiple boys

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Harry in Pizza Express on Abbeygate Street