A Spot of Lunch in the East End, London - 1st December 2013

Isobel is out for a night in London, catching up with brother Noddy. Nosher and The Boys follow down the next day and meet up at New Spitalfields Market for some late lunch. On the way in, there's a chance to catch up with the latest in track-side graffiti. It's interesting following it over a several years, as there always seems to be just one dominant tagger at a time, and the current time's tagger seems to be "Runch".

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A graffiti'd substation, and new-tag-on-the-block 'Runch' gets some action

Harry and Fred give the Hairy Eyeball

The burnt-out building in Stratford - hard to photograph from the train as it's in the clear for only a second or so

The on-going Crossrail dig

Graffiti from new tagger Runch

The ever-growing City of London, as the Shard (left) still looks un-finished and the 'Walkie Talkie' (centre) nears completion

The track labyrinth on the way in to Liverpool Street

The ever-photogenic Liverpool Street Station

Noddy and Isobel wander down the road outside Spitalfields

Fred scores a massive donut

New Spitalfields Market

Cast-iron roof work

Noddy chats to Fred

On Commercial Street, some sort of street photography modelling occurs

Fred makes the Chocolate Coin Factory go, as loads of people look on

Fred shows off his shiny gold chocolate coin as Noddy stands around looking at mopeds

Milling throngs outside the chocolate factory

Cryptic road signs: something to do with pigeon poo

Just off Commercial Street

Street art bird

Some dude hauls a Christmas tree around on Brick Lane

Jilly, Noddy, Kiwi Mick. Isobel and Fred on Brick Lane

Nosher eats some cachapas - Venezuelan street food

More street food in the Brick Lane food market

Loads of people hang around off Brick Lane just eating food

Another look at New Spitalfields Market, with its Chrimbo decorations all up

The regenerated Spitalfields and the Broadgate developmemnt

Fred and Isobel wander about

The Swiss Re 'Gherkin'

Spitalfields and the Gherkin

Bishopsgate in the dusk

It's a winter's evening at Liverpool Street

Harry peers around in the vestibule of an old Mark 3 coach on the London-Norwich train

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A graffiti'd substation, and new-tag-on-the-block 'Runch' gets some action