Innovation Days and the Streets of Southwark, London - 5th December 2013

Nosher's work is having one of its two-day "innovation" sessions, where alternative projects can be pursued. This time, Nosher pitches in to help construct an arcade cabinet, complete with vintage arcade games like Missile Command, Space Invaders, Street Fighter and so on. This involves chopping up a lot of MDF down in the bike shed at the bottom of the building on Southwark Street, whilst in the office Craig looks after buttons and joysticks and Joe and Chris look after preparing the "Mame" emulation on a PC. On the way home on Thursday, the train is cancelled just as it's about to leave and it's announced that the line is closed north of Colchester (as well as north of Diss and near Wivenhoe), so after a while hanging around waiting for nothing to happen (until the transport rozzers come along to disperse the crowd) it's time to catch a train to Cambridge and a packed train from there to Norwich from where Isobel picks up Nosher and the bike, finally getting home six hours after leaving the office. Joy!

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Emlyn measures up

More concentrated measuring

Chris and Joe look at stuff

Down in the bike shed, MDF is laid out for cutting

The first cut (is the deepest)

Meanwhile, Craig checks out the buttons and joystick

Emlyn does some sanding

The offcut that remains looks like a giant knob

The Shard, lit up in the dusk

Craig and a load of spaghetti

Coffey and Jaley start to assemble the cabinet

A night-time view of the City of London from Southwark Bridge

There are a load of Santas running across Southwark Bridge

The Royal Exchange on Threadneedle Street

Looking up Threadneedle Street towards the Gherkin

The revamped bottom of Tower 42 on Old Broad Street - formerly known as the NatWest Tower

Aty Shenfield Station, this properly old brake wagon has been hanging around for ages

Trackside graffiti

More graffiti, near Ilford

A dirty Class 57 loco makes a lot of smoke

Derelict buildings

The next morning at work, and Joe inspects the cabinet

Craig does some measuring

Nosher heads out on an errand to get some bolts - the shop is right by the 'smarties' lights on Southwark Street

Railway bridge on O'Meara Street

An open door on to the street reveals some impressive oak beams. And an armchair.

A little graffiti detail on a gate

A pile of leaves collects around some pink café furniture on Union Street

Union Street and the Shard

Coffey and Craig sort the buttons out

Faded Underground sign on Redcross Way

The Smarties lights on Southwark Street

Underneath the arch on Redcross Way

Backstreet railway arches

Back in the office, newspapers are laid out for a spot of painting

Coffey and Craig start priming the cabinet

Back on Southwark Street for another trip to the hardware shop

Seedy building-site entrance, with various graffiti tags including 'Runch' - who features a lot on the Liverpool Street trackside

Hot Munchies street café on Southwark Street

Street art: a nicely modified no-entry sign

The office is a hive of activity

Liverpool Street station is chaos as the main line has just been closed north of Colchester

The trains stacked on the platforms at Liverpool Street are mostly going nowhere

Cambridge station has acquired a whole new platform (on the right)

About 200 people cram Cambridge's platform 6, waiting for the two-coach Ipswich train

A packed train to Norwich

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Emlyn measures up