Tags on a trackside signal cabinet

Tags on a trackside signal cabinet

New-tag-on-the-block 'Runch' gets some action

Harry in a Mark 3 coach vestibule

Harry and Fred give the Hairy Eyeball

A blur of Maryland station

Stratford bus station

The burnt-out building in Stratford

The on-going Crossrail dig

The A13, and Crossrail dig

Graffiti from new tagger Runch

The ever-growing City of London skyline

The underground entrance to Liverpool Street

Liverpool Street Station

The ever-photogenic Liverpool Street Station

Brushfield Street, near Spitalfields

Noddy and Isobel wander down Brushfield Street

The restaurant we visited last time has closed

Fred scores a massive donut

We hang out with Noddy and Gilly

New Spitalfields Market

Noddy chats to Fred

On Commercial Street, street photography occurs

The ad-hoc photo shoot heads off

There's excitement at the Chocolate Coin Factory

Fred shows off his shiny gold chocolate coin

Milling throngs outside the chocolate factory

Cryptic road signs about pigeon poo

Crowds on Hanbury Street

Street art bird

The Trouble Notes play on Brick Lane

Some dude hauls a Christmas tree around

Guitar action on Brick Lane

Fred looks back as Isobel carries him around

Jilly, Noddy, Kiwi Mick, Isobel and Fred

The Venezuelan street food stall

Isobel eats some street food

Nosher eats some cachapas - Venezuelan street food

More street food in the Brick Lane food market

Noddy eats something

People hang around off Brick Lane just eating food

Spitalfields Market has Christmas decorations up

The regenerated Broadgate development

Fred and Isobel wander about

The Swiss Re 'Gherkin'

Spitalfields and the Gherkin

Bishopsgate in the dusk

It's a winter's evening at Liverpool Street

Harry peers around in a Mark 3 coach vestibule

Harry gives a stare