Evelyn, "Da Wheeze" and Easter with Grandad, Suffolk - 9th April 2012

Evelyn and Louise - known to Fred as "Da Wheeze" - are over from Dublin for a couple of days. As it's Easter, we head out for lunch at the Cock Inm on Fair Green in Diss with Grandad. There's also some random stuff from the Farmers' Market in Diss and a trip to Ipswich.

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Harry contemplates the bright, shiny world

Harry does his best 'Magnum' or 'Blue Steel' from Zoolander

Harry has a bath. Fred seems to be enjoying it too.

Isobel and Evelyn sort out bathtime

Evelyn checks over Harry

'Da Wheeze' with Harry

Fred and Isobel make some brownies

Evelyn and Fred mess around

Fred legs it around the garden

Trundling around the back field

Harry's first trip to the pub at 11 days old

Alan peers over from behind the bar

Fred and Louise in the Cock Inn

The Massive, in our own room at the back of the pub

Louise and Grandad have a smoke out the back

Nosher's band (The BBs) played the previous night at the Cock

Grandad and Fred

Evelyn, Fred and Isobel

Evelyn sticks Spammy's ABC blanket on Harry outside the Cock

Fred and Isobel stump up the stairs at the Buttermarket in Ipswich

A retro session to feed Fred with an occasional treat of 'chippies' at Wimpy in the Buttermarket

Fred and Isobel

The rainy flagstones of Ipswich

Lots of Isobels and Freds in the Buttermarket lifts

Grandad picks dust out of his eye by the Mere in Diss

Nosher's old workmate 'Tone' plays some guitar at the Farmers' Market in Diss

Diss Farmers' Market, and Trevor the apple man

Fred picks out his milkshake flavour

Diss Market Place

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Harry contemplates the bright, shiny world