A Southwold Anniversary, Southwold, Suffolk - 3rd July 2011

It's exactly one year since Nosher and Isobel got hitched. To celebrate, we return to Southwold - location of the "mini-moon" - for a night at The Crown, another Adnams hotel just a few metres away from The Swan, where we'd stayed the year before

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Crowds mill around in the evening sun outside the Lord Nelson in Southwold

Isobel outside the Lord Nelson

People and beer-guide stickers

Isobel gets the beers in

Contra-jour street

Behind the back bar in the Crown Hotel

Diners in the Crown's restaurant

On the building opposite our room's window is an old, non-working, clock

Rusting iron footplate on the fire escape

The view from the hotel window

Crown Hotel restaurant

Southwold's High Street, and the Crown Hotel's sign

A wrecked bicycle worthy of a Cambridge street

Nice view of Southwold from half-way up the pier.

Lucky coins on a pier post

Weathered planks on the pier

Tim Hunkin's musical notes on the pier

Southwold beach hut with a name that sounds like it's from a Steven King novel

St. James Green and the lighthouse

Nosher and Isobel on the promenade

Back in Brome, a balloon goes up

The balloon gets its flame on

The passengers pile in to the basket

A balloon's envelope

The balloon floats off

Fred and Isobel sit in the Cornwallis' walled garden - site of the wedding picnic the year before

Fred does aeroplanes around the walled garden

Fred the Head has a laugh

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Crowds mill around in the evening sun outside the Lord Nelson in Southwold