The Bressingham Steam Thingy, Bressingham, Norfolk - 2nd July 2011

An evening of engines and miniature steam trains at nearby Bressingham Steam Museum.

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A Burrell traction engine pootles away

Shiny brass bits

Fred and Isobel on the 'gallopers'

Phoenix and Poppy, the carousel horses

A mini steam train

Fred stands in the cab of a diesel engine

Shiny steam train

Fred climbs down from a diesel engine

Fred sits on a bench from the long-since-closed Burston railweay station, near Diss

Isobel and Fred on the mini steam train

Signal levers in an old signal box

Reclaimed wires from an old signalling system

Rusting wheels

Fred and Isobel

The Victorian gallopers

Old Bedford ice-cream van

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A Burrell traction engine pootles away