Martina and Gemma

Martina and Gemma

Isobel's got some L Plates on

Rachel and Helen in Weaver's

Clare, Suey and Jen in Weaver's, Diss

Isobel's got some Dame Edna glasses on

Katrina comes out

Katrina tries some novelty glasses on

The pub's sign has fallen over

Wavy shows off the sign

Wavy pretends he's been crushed

Eoghan samples his first-ever real ale

The gang outside on the bench

DH, Suey and The Boy Phil have joined

Noddy gets his ukulele out

Noddy plays Uke

Noddy plays a tune

Jamie does a bit of dancing

DH heads off on his bike

Crossing the A140

A spot of dancing outside the Cornwallis

Noddy serenades us up the Cornwallis avenue

The gang bursts through the hedge

Boris - Stripey Cat - in the garden

Daisies in the lawn

Boris the Cat watches something

Pieter grabs a slice of bread

Kai looks at Boris's secret fur

Gemma comes over

Jen, Isobel and Gemma make up 'favours'

Noddy converts a discarded road sign

An abandoned sign is turned into a blackboard

The blackboard is complete

Isobel's marigolds

Testing out the walled garden


Mother, Mike and Sis

Fred in a bib

Eoghan plays ukulele

Sis again

The assembled masses discuss the 'seating un-plan'

We test out the Cornwallis's walled garden

Alex and Sis outside The Swan

Some appropriate graffiti in the bogs at The Swan

Nosher's sticker from 1995 is on the bog ceiling

Wavy, The Boy Phil et all on the pub bench

Sean's got a guitar

Noddy gives it a bit more ukulele

Sean, Chuck from Mallorca, James and Hedwig

The Boy Phil wheels his bike back

Wavy, Sean and James

The Boy Phil does some video

Phil drags his bike through the hedge

Hanging out in the kitchen

Nosher's got a beer

The Boy Phil tries some kabanos, but isn't sure

Mother, Mike, Neil and Caroline

Mother looks over as Sis gets animated

Sis's cup cakes