The Night Before, Suffolk - 2nd July 2010

'Twere the nights before the wedding, and all through the house... not a creature was stirring, except for everyone up the pub. A few photos from the two nights before Nosher's wedding, which, somewhat inevitably, revolved around being up the pub and drinking beer. On the first night, just the hard-core massive had arrived, including James and Noddy from France and Ireland respectively, and Isobel's bridesmaid Jen with her fella. Noddy's got his ukulele which is the main thing...

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First, there's a bit of a surprise in store as the pub sign had fallen over during the day

Wavy climbs under to pretend that it's fallen on him

Eoghan (right-ish) samples his first-ever real ale

The massive outside the pub

Noddy gets the ukulele out

Much milling about

A spot of dancing outside the entrance to the Cornwallis

Noddy serenades us up the Cornwallis avenue

Next day: daisies in the lawn

Boris the Cat watches something

Jen, Isobel and Gemma make up 'favours'

An abandoned road sign is converted into a magnetic blackboard

Isobel's marigolds

The assembled masses discuss the 'seating un-plan'

In the Cornwallis' walled garden

Some appropriate graffiti in the bogs at The Swan

Wavy, The Boy Phil, Noddy and Wayne (back row), Alex from Zurich, Matt and Sis

Noddy gives it a bit more ukulele

Sean on Git Box, Chuck from Mallorca, James and Hedwig from France

Wavy, Sean and James

Nosher and James in the Nosher kitchen

Noddy steals a bit of Polish kabanos

The Boy Phil tries some kabanos, but isn't sure

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First, there's a bit of a surprise in store as the pub sign had fallen over during the day