Harvest Festival at Jimmy's Farm, Ipswich, Suffolk - 12th September 2009

Thanks to some generous ligged tickets, courtesy of Sue's work, Nosher and Isobel get a surprise last-minute trip to Jimmy's Farm (he of Jamie-bloody-oliver's-bezza-mate-fame) to hang out at the "harvest festival" and get to see some groovy stuff, including Badly Drawn Boy, José Gonzáles and the ever-excellent Athlete.

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Isobel, The Boy, Courtney and Sue

Fred the Head with yet another festival hat

Isobel checks to see whether Fred is still under the hat

Jimmy's farm house

A butchery demonstration is occuring

Fred and Isobel

Fred takes to the air

Nosher is distracted by the sight of his hand in the sun

Fred looks around to see what else he can steal from other people

A boy is pleased with his dust-kicking efforts

Joel Pott does a solo recording for BBC Radio Suffolk

A couple of girls outside the bogs pose with some bog roll

Queue for the toilets

The rest of the band turn up and mill around outside the Radio Suffolk outside-broadcast van

Band photo

Upside-down baby

Badly Drawn Boy (he's got a tea cosy on his head!)

Badly Drawn Boy rocks out

The modern way of interacting with live music

Festival crowds

José Gonzáles

Athlete kick off

Joel Pott off of Athlete

Live sideman-guitarist Jonny Pilcher

Joel Pott again

Athlete and some lovely pink-n-white varilites

The band signal their appreciation of the crowd

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Isobel, The Boy, Courtney and Sue