Fred trundles around in the Night Garden

Fred trundles around in the Night Garden

Fred looks worried

Fred on a trundle truck

Hanging out by a straw bale

Marc takes a photo

Suey in face paint

Sam and Daisy play in a tiled gazeebo

Fred tries to escape

The festival scene

Isobel, The Boy, Courtney and Sue

Jimmy's farm house

A butcher hacks away at a lamb leg

A butchery demonstration is occuring

One of Jimmy Doherty's barns

Fred and Isobel

Fred sits on a bag of crisps

Fred takes to the air

Nosher is distracted by the sight of his hand in the sun

Fred with Silky Sue

A boy is pleased with his dust-kicking efforts

Queues in the dust

Joel Pott of Athlete does a solo recording

A sunflower hat

A couple of girls outside the bogs pose with some bog roll

Joel Pott gets a backing singer

The queue for the toilets

The rest of Athlete arrive

Badly Drawn Boy on stage

Marc arrives

Badly Drawn Boy does his thing

Badly Drawn Boy rocks out

The evening crowds

José Gonzáles

Jimmy Docherty does an introduction

Athlete kicks off

Heads of the crowd

Athlete in action

Live sideman-guitarist Jonny Pilcher

Joel Pott again

Athlete and pink-and-white Varilites