Fred's on the table

Fred's on the table

Matt waves

The Old Chap

Emily reads 'Where the wild things are' to Fred

Fred in his Santa suit

Emily massages Matt's head

Sis has a go of Fred

The veg team prepares for dinner

Isobel's on parsnip duty

Matt explains his camera to Emily

Sis and Fred

Emily tries Matt's camera out

In The Swan for a Christmas beer

The gang in the pub

Paul's on bar duty

We get a Dartmoor granite pestle from Sis

It's Christmas dinner time

Fred gets a hug

Fred's surrounded by stuffed toys

Fred is surrounded by some of his stuffed toys

Isobel does some Sudoku

Fred bounces around a bit

Emily gets up close with Fred

The Old Chap in the kitchen

Mel and Isobel play Trivial Pursuit

A traditional game of Trivial Pursuit breaks out

Isobel makes her move

Emily gives it the 'loser' sign