Southwold By Satnav, Suffolk - 28th December 2008

Isobel gets given a SatNav for Christas, so we decide to test it out by doing a very familiar trip - to the coast at Southwold - for a very bracing walk in the strong easterly (Siberian) winds. Fred's OK in his furry hat, Maggie-Simpson-esque snow suit and several blankets - so much so he barely notices whilst we freeze on the sea-front.

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Beach huts in the car park

A 'countra-jour' shot of the sea-front parade and the entrance to the car park

Southwold Pier, and a lively sea

A brave (or foolhardy) family group brave the winds for an outdoor picnic

Groynes along the shore.

Wintry sun and the town of Southwold

Somewhat implausibly, an insaniac is out surfing in the 5° sea

Isobel and Fredster on the pier

One man and his dog look out to sea

The lighthouse

Isobel looks a little chilly

Strollin' around

Comedy fish

Southwold Pier

The pier from along the beach

Isobel and Fred stroll along the promenade

The 1930s amusement arcade

A couple of wrecked derelict sheds

Rusty ironwork

Fred in his Arctic survival gear

The waves catch the setting sun

A wrought-iron sign announces 'Boating Café Lakes'

Fred does the big eye thing

Fred does a spot of modelling

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Beach huts in the car park