The reception venue

The reception venue

Abbie shouts across the room

Abbie points

Noddy chats to someone

The room is full of guests

On our table

Wedding guests

Nosher and the baby Fred

After dinner

A letter is considered

Danielli and Caty

Isobel looks over

Noddy with Fred

Nosher and Isobel

Another guest

A girl looks around

Fred does a tour of guests

Danielli does a speech

Listening to the speech

Flowers and fairy lights

The speeches continue

Wine is poured

After-dinner conversation

More conversation

Another baby does the rounds

The bride's dad

A young girl, like a deer in headlights

Abbie talks to the band

Wedding dancing breaks out

More dancing to the band

Isobel dances with Fred

Funky moves

A circle of dancing

Some small children mill around

Lights flow out of the accordion

Caty and Danielli dance around

Abbie and Noddy dance

A sparkly red dress

Abbie and Noddy again

Abbie's got Fred for a bit

Fred looks a bit confused

Noddy in conversation

Some tiny girls dance

Fred's ready for bed

A small girl busts some moves