The Old Man ponders the ceiling

The Old Man ponders the ceiling

The Old Chap rips some ceiling down

The ceiling has been removed

Grandad weilds a hammer

Time for a break

Dust from angle-grinding lingers in the air

The old kitchen is cleared away

The Old Chap mills around the near-empty kitchen

Sunlight in the dust


The first bits of the new kitchen are laid out

We spend ages digging out an old Parkray

The boiler is still stuck in

Nosher angle-grinds a couple of steel pipes

A new ceiling is installed

The kitchen now has decent lighting

Paul's sad as 'bleak mid-winter' isn't on the list

Nosher and Fred, as Santa



Fred and Isobel

Jessica is passed over to Gran/Nan

Claire points Jessica in the direction of the camera

Uncle Phil torments Matthew

Nosher and Fredster, back at the pad

Mill Road dereliction

The burnt-out building is demolished

There's not much left

A bus stop on Mill Road

A huge pile of rubble

A wrecked brick pavement

Flimsy barriers keep the people out

Sunset and trees, between Wetherden and Haughley Green