Fred in his bouncy seat

Fred in his bouncy seat

Isobel and Fred on the plane

Isobel's mother, Rena

Evelyn waves

Evelyn gets a go of Fred the Head

Fred just yawns

Dublin Bay fro mthe bridge over the DART

The Winkies in the distance, and Dublin Bay

Abby and Noddy in Mao's, Dun Laoghaire

Noddy with Fred

The wet breakwater at Dun Laoghaire

Uncle Philly gets a go

Isobel makes some ceramics with Fred footprints

Fred has a sleep

Isobel and Fred on Grafton Street in Dublin

A peacock struts around

Zebra in Dublin Zoo

Fred and Isobel

Fred gets a cuddle with Grandma

Oscar the dog

Fred in Evelyn's creche

Evelyn with Fred, at work

Fred gets a go with someone else

Louise takes a photo

Noddy roams around

Abby does some washing up