May Miscellany 1: Beer Fests and Cambridge Dereliction - 26th May 2008

A round-up of miscellaneous scenes: there's a French Market in Diss; Nosher sets fire to a bunch of stuff on the bonfire; it's the Cambridge beer festival, which this year is a little on the chilly side; there's some graffiti-spotting along Mill Road in Cambridge and finally, a trip to the Hoxne Swan beer festival in, er, Hoxne, Suffolk.

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The Taptu office undergoes a bit of a move around: crates are readied

A duck preens its feathers on the edge of Diss Mere

Looking down Pump Hill towards the market place, Diss

French Market, Diss

A smoking stick

Dancing flames as a heap of detritus burns

More flickering flames

Suzanne looks a little startled at the Cambridge beer festival

A long line of beer pumps

The view from the Black Cat Café on Mill Road, Cambridge

A Banksy-esque poster has been painted over

Squatters have moved in to the controversial Tesco site on Mill Road and have set up a community centre

Isobel peers in to the windows of the Mill Road community centre

Uplifting graffiti on the walls of St. Phillip's church, Mill Road

A dude with a bag shuffles up Mill Road

Empty shop and fly-posters

On the front of the 'Free Library' building, and wrecked gas meter

More Banksy-esque graffiti on the wall of the Video Emporium

The Customer Parking at this derelict site leaves something to be desired

Derelict buildings

DH, Marc and Iz at the Hoxne beer fest

Marc looks sideways. He's definitely not smoking.

A string of lights hanging from an old wooden ceiling

Iz and The Boy Phil at the Hoxne beer fest

Soph-bags the cat lounges around

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The Taptu office undergoes a bit of a move around: crates are readied