Easter in Dublin, Ireland - 21st-24th March 2008

Seeing as Christmas was spent at Nosher's Sis' in Devon, it's only fitting that the next major religious-based festival should be at Isobel's family's in Blackrock, Co. Dublin. So we drive to Norwich to catch a flight to Dublin (the take-off is entertaining on account of the small plane and the very large wind), and head down for Easter. The weekend includes a trip to La Strada for aspot of Italian, and a wander around Dublin's city centre for a couple of pints of Guinness.

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The FlyBE Dash 8 loads up on the tarmac at Norwich Airport

The strong winds blow parallel lines of spray across the waves

The coast of County Dublin, as we fly over on final approach

The plane disembarks on a cold and wet apron at Dublin

Ev reads a trashy magazine as Iz has a cup of tea

Noddy gets a make-over, with some moral support from a glass of champagne

The final result of Noddy's hair-straightening episode

Iz and Lou stride across the cobbles in Trinity College, Dublin

Trinity College

Super-bright graffiti

Temple Bar

'Wall of Fame' graffiti-cum-advertising

We wander down to an outdoor market

A Chris Rea poster gives an air of the Eighties

A car does a novel 1000-point turn on an unsuitable street

A bus rumbles by

A cool old sign: 'Why go bald'

For some reason the 'Balkantours' shop isn't really appealing

A load of music posters down the steps of Simon's Café

Reading and waiting for something to happen

Flower ladies

Isobel gets a bunch of flowers for her sisters' house

A dude on a stool

A glass grating on Grafton Street has seen a million footsteps

Back alley off Grafton Street, Dublin

A dude in the park waves around his guitar at pigeons, until The Man comes over to stop him

At the top of Grafton Street, a fire engine does a bit of fund-raising

Graffiti and torn fly-posters

Funky sticker

A basement staircase doubles as a convenient rubbish bin

In the Stag's Head bar

A couple of workers do sod-all and watch tarmac set

Ev, Noddy and Jen in La Strada

The night is much more entertaining than the look on Louise and Evelyn suggests

'El Patron' brings over some Sambucca

A Dublin Bus steams through Blackrock

The sign is not an instruction (Kill means 'church' in Irish)

Isobel shakes paws with Oscar

In Blackrock: 'Make luv not war'

Blackrock Market

Iz, Evelyn and Jen look at a cat in a petshop window

Iz and Jen plus a primary-schoolfriend they'd not seen for 18 years (in Tonic, Blackrock)

Discarded sandwich box, Departure lounge, Dublin Airport

Dublin Bay

Ice crystals grow inside the plane's outer window

Landing in Norwich, after flying through a blizzard

The empty baggage hall of Norwich Airport

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The FlyBE Dash 8 loads up on the tarmac at Norwich Airport