The apartment's lounge and working fireplace

The apartment's lounge and working fireplace

The V-8 Mustang with its roof up

Isobel plays around with her phone

Striking flowers by the pavement off Villa La Jolla

Off Villa La Jolla

A fuzzy flower and what look like raspberries

An orange flower

La Jolla near the I-5 junction

Random office buildings somewhere, maybe UCSD

On the way to Qualcomm

Another Qualcomm building off Mira Mesa Boulevard

On the freeway near the I-805 turn off

La Jolla's Rock Bottom bar

Isobel racks up in Rock Bottom

Isobel breaks

Isobel takes her shot in the game of 'stick'

The bar of the Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom's bar

The UCSD car park is deserted at night

The suitcase waits to leave

Out apartment at the Marriott Residence in La Jolla

The Residence Inn breakfast area

Rock Bottom brewery: think globally, drink locally

On the I-805

Nosher drops Isobel off at Qualcomm's Building 'N'

Qualcomm buildings

Isobel's Qualcomm reception area

The view over Los Angeles

Isobel looks out over the Hollywood Hills

Isobel and the Hollywood sign

Nosher gets the tourist-photo treatment

The Griffith Observatory

An odd-looking statue of James Dean

A tourist gawps at the James Dean statue

Some dude looks over Los Angeles

Isobel looks out over the city

Downtown LA

The Griffith Observatory and LA in the background

A brass engraving of the solar system

A statue celebrating Galileo, Kepler, et al

The iconic (but tiny) Hollywood sign

A cool 1970s Camaro

Tall palm trees on Hollywood Boulevard

Intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and La Brea

Isobel wanders up the walk of the stars

Seedy cinema near Hollywood and Vine

The famous Capitol Building

Sidewalk plaque dedicated to the moon dudes

A groovy assortment of neon and glass bongs

An Onion newsbox

Multi-coloured Hollywood fire hydrant

Not much is more US-iconic than a racing fire truck

Isobel on the Walk of the Stars

A London-style bus

The Nakatomi building from Die Hard