The Mexicoach bus waits at San Ysidro car park

The Mexicoach bus waits at San Ysidro car park

On the beach at Rosarito

Fruit stalls struggle against hideous bars

Kids play on the beach

Pineapples, oranges and bags of sweets

Beachfront Condos overlook the chaos

Random blanket sellers

A Mexican hat seller

A beach tat seller

Quality jewelry up for sale

The hat woman

Isobel and Nosher at a tacky bar

Fruit sales seem to be a little slow

Fruit and crisps seller

Lurid buildings on the beach

Under the Rosarito pier

Nosher, with hat, on the beach

Horses on the beach

Isobel plays with sand

Ponies trot on the beach

A couple of ponies trot along the beach

An unsure state of demolition or building

Another pair of ponies trot on the beach

Classic 1970s car outside Brown Pride Tattoo

Brown Pride tattoos

Downtown Rosarito

On Rosarito's main drag: Bimbo

Random cartoon super-heroes and Mexican wrestlers

A shop absolutely packed with random stuff

5 and 10 liquor store on Rosarito's main street

A blob of Al Pastor pork waits for us

The taco dude prepares to slice the al pastor pork

In the taco shop

Isobel gets ready to scoff her taco

The light makes this photo look like the 1970s

Rosarito's main drag

A bar on the street corner

Panificadora Rosarito

Mexican 'lucky' pharmacy

A Mexican minibus

An empty shop

The Tijuana bus-station bogs

The bogs at Tijuana's bus station

Pharmacies sell cheap drugs to Americans

Old man on a bike, with his wordly possessions

A Mariachi band walks down the street

Bands of musicians roam the streets

Grilled corn-on-the-cob from a street vendor

Tijuana street life

A Tijuana street corner

The remains of a million posters linger

Indoor Tijuana market

A Tijuana market

A clock tower on Juarez 2

More street corn

A beat-up Ford van displays some sort of advert

Downtown Tijuana

The random restaurant 'Genesis'

A mobile taco stall

A Tijuana bakery

A street hamburger stand

More street-corner action

A woman in some sort of traditional garb waits

An entertainer lies on broken glass and is stood on

More musicians roam Avenue de la Revolucion

A dude hauls around bottles of water

Amusing sign: no drugs or nuclear weapons allowed

A vintage American car

The classic 1970s American car at an intersection

Tequila Sunrise

A burnt-out building

In Tijuana bus station - a small carousel with zebra

An indoor tat shop at the bus station

At the US border

Huge queues of cars at the Mexico/US border

Street vendors ply their wares amongst queued cars

A mobile tat stall at the border crossing