Rosarito and Tijuana, Mexico - 2nd March 2008

The day after a long road-trip around the desert of South-west California, Nosher and Isobel decide to head south across the border for a poke around Baja California, Mexico. So we drive to San Ysidro (the last US exit on Interstate 5) and get the bus down to Tijuana for a change of bus on to Rosarito. Rosarito is one of those places that sounds nice on paper (seaside town, etc) but in reality is blighted by truly hideous beach-front bars pumping out music all day (at a volume which you can stil hear half-a-mile down the beach). We even end up at one of these bars for a drink, simply because it seems to be the only way to find a toilet. Anyway, the rest of Rosarito is a little like a seaside version of Tijuana, but it does give Nosher the chance to eat some street food (as encouraged by Isobel) - a small and tasty Taco al pastor. Later, we catch the bus back to Tijuana and hang out there for a few hours before enduring the spectacle of the border crossing at San Ysidro - the world's busiest.

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The Mexicoach bus waits at San Ysidro border car park

Fruit stalls struggle against an onslaught of hideous bars

Kids play on the beach

Pineapples, oranges and bags of sweets

A beach vendor scopes around for more mug punters to sell his tat to

Quality jewelry up for sale

A seller ponders the economic climate

The hat woman

Isobel and Nosher at a tacky bar

Fruit sales seem to be a little slow

The hat woman diversifies into jewelry

Nosher, with hat, on the beach

Isobel plays with sand

A couple of ponies trot along the beach

It's hard to tell whether this building is being demolished or is not yet finished

Classic 1970s American car outside the Brown Pride Tattoo parlour, Rosarito

On Rosarito's main drag: Bimbo

Random cartoon super-heroes and Mexican wrestlers

A shop absolutely packed with random stuff

5 and 10 liquor store, Rosarito main drag

A blob of Al Pastor pork waits for us

The dude looks at Nosher warily as he prepares to slice us off a bit of al pastor pork for our tacos

Isobel gets ready to scoff her taco

A mobile pick-up-based advert. The colour of light makes this photo look just like it was out of the 1970s

A bar on the street corner

Mexican 'lucky' pharmacy - a study in yellow

Some photos just seem neccesary at the time: the bogs at Tijuana's bus station

Everywhere in Tijuana are pharmacies selling cheap drugs to Americans

Old man on a bike, with his wordly possessions

Bands of musicians roam the streets

Grilled corn-on-the-cob from a street vendor

Several lamp posts have been used since forever to staple posters to - the remains of a million posters linger

Indoor Tijuana market

A beat-up Ford van displays some sort of advert

Downtown Tijuana

A curiosity for a fan of the band of the same name: Restaurant 'Genesis'

A mobile taco stall

More street-corner action

A woman in some sort of traditional garb waits for something

A street entertainer has his head stood on whilst he lies on a pile of broken glass

More musicians roam the streets, here on Avenue de la Revolucion

Amusing neon sign: no drugs or nuclear weapons allowed.

Another classic old 1970s American car

Tequila Sunrise

In Tijuana bus station - a small carousel with zebra

Huge queues of cars at the Mexico/US border

In the masses of queued cars, street vendors ply their wares

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The Mexicoach bus waits at San Ysidro border car park