An alley in Gamla Stan, Stockholm

An alley in Gamla Stan, Stockholm

Isobel checks out a Christmas market stall

A water-dispensing gargoyle

A festive Christmas tree

The Svenska Akademien

Nicely cobbled lane

A random Christmas gnome

There's some neon and fast food

A graffiti'd door

A Santa on a Segway

One of the main shopping streets

Stockholm's main shopping street

A mobile sausage van

The 1960s Stadsteatern

The famous anti-war twisted Colt revolver

Isobel tucks in to a tasty sausage snack

A Christmas market, and Pub

Bright orange fruits

In the underground station, we check directions

Pigeons take to the air

A modern square

A bright red church

Isobel mills around outside the church

Columns nicely lit with orange light

A lavishly-gold pulpit

Broken cast-iron pipes

A Christmas stall

A guy on a Segway roams around handing out roasted nuts

The Christmas stall has a lit-up reindeer

Gamla Stan

Old gramophone and neon sign, Gamla Stan

Isobel takes her shoes of in our hotel room

A scary lion in the hotel lobby

A kind of makeshift wooden horse

Gamla Stan at night

The Christmas stall in the dark

Looking over the water towards the Stadshuset

A Thai buffet sign, somewhat unfortunately named 'Pong'

The shopping street in the dusk

City lights, and Christmas market

The famous Royal Ship Wasa

In the Wasa Museum, Isobel scopes out carving reconstructions

The lavishly-carved stern of the Vasa

We pause by a conveniently-placed brazier

Night market

A temporary ice-rink at the Christmas market

Nosher has his own food stall

Night view towards the Stadshuset

Isobel drinks some Glögg in the hotel

A ship's figurehead

The restaurant Franziskaner

Festive street, and the dangling hand