Sophie sleeps on the arm of the sofa

Sophie sleeps on the arm of the sofa

Isobel looks at Soph-bags

We do a daft selfie for a Christmas card

Isobel in the Swan

Pre-dinner drinks

Spam and Jill

Syliva behind the bar

Colin and Isobel have a laff

Alan gets ready to do his speech

Colin pours some wine out

Apple and Pippa

Isobel blows a balloon up

An attempt at hat-balancing ends in failure

Marc gets the hat to stay in place

Isobel has better luck with her hat

Wavy Davy

Something fun seems to be happening on the ceiling

Colin does a balloon header

The BSCC in the pub restaurant

Matthew roams around

Alan lurks

Alan disappears behind a curtain

Spammy is taken by surprise

Claire struggles with Matthew whilst being bombarded by flying bottles

Matthew sneaks behind the bar

Twiglet Carl checks texts

Marc rauches on off

Apple models a bouquet

Apple stuffs some balloons down his shirt

Suey and Apple

Isobel chats with Pippa

There's more fun with ceiling-bound balloons

Isobel makes a rabbit out of a bar towel

Marc has a go at the towel rabbit

Isobel makes an origami frog

Marc shows off the froggie

Sooty with a frog on top

In Cambridge, there's a destroyed umbrella

Fizz is poured at Taptu

Stef gets the next bottle ready

There's a celebration for the launch of Taptu's Facebook app