Sophie sleeps on the arm of the sofa

Sophie sleeps on the arm of the sofa

Isobel looks at Soph-bags

We do a daft selfie for a Christmas card

Sophie tries to run away

Isobel in the Swan

Pre-dinner drinks

Spam and Jill

Syliva behind the bar

Colin and Isobel have a laff

Alan gets ready to do his speech

Colin pours some wine out

Apple and Pippa

Isobel blows a balloon up

An attempt at hat-balancing ends in failure

Marc gets the hat to stay in place

Isobel has better luck with her hat

Wavy Davy

Something fun is happening on the ceiling

Colin does a balloon header

The BSCC in the pub restaurant

Matthew roams around

Alan lurks

Alan disappears behind a curtain

Spammy is taken by surprise

Claire struggles with Matthew

Matthew sneaks behind the bar

Twiglet Carl checks texts

Marc rauches on off

Apple models a bouquet

Apple stuffs some balloons down his shirt

Suey and Apple

Isobel chats with Pippa

There's more fun with ceiling-bound balloons

Isobel makes a rabbit out of a bar towel

Marc has a go at the towel rabbit

Isobel makes an origami frog

Marc shows off the froggie

Sooty with a frog on top

In Cambridge, there's a destroyed umbrella

Fizz is poured at Taptu

Stef gets the next bottle ready

Taptu celebrates the launch of a Facebook app

Taptu staff hang around in the office

A view of the Cam on the way to work