The BBs On Tour, Gatwick Copthorne - 24th November 2007

The BBs play their biggest gig ever. It's for Caterham Racing's annual dinner-dance, held in the enormous Millenium Rooms at the Gatwick Copthorne Hotel, at which there are nearly 400 guests. It's a huge venue, with a decent stage surrounded by several rather nice Caterham Sevens. To get there, we meet up at the Youth Centre in Diss and load up a couple of vans for the trip down the A12 and M23.

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Max sits in the back of the van

Loading up the gear outside the youth club

Rob gives his special Mesa Boogie flight-case a trundle

Dismal and derelict house on the A12/M25 junction near Brentwood

Cliché view of the QE2 Bridge, Dartford crossing

Jo's liking the middle lane of the M25

Funky blurred traffic on the M25

Motorway traffic

Nosher's keyboards are all set up

Rob sets up some monitors

The view from behind Henry's kit

Loads of trophies

Jo mills around behind a couple of Caterham 7s

Max takes a camera-phone pic of Nosher

Rob twiddles around on the desk

More Caterham Sevens

Max pretends to be the emcee, to check the spotlights

One of the Caterham dudes tests his speech-shortening shepherd's crook

Max and some keyboards

After soundcheck, we hang out on the reception of the Gatwick Copthorne

The band hang around outside the bogs

Henry and Rob in the 'green room'

Nosher and Henry

Jo checks her lyrics

In the 'Sports Bar'

The next morning, we check out and head back to the vans

The rotunda of the Millenium Conference centre

Chairs stacked in the middle of the venue

The melee at the toll-booths at the Dartford Crossing

Odd-shaped funnel above the Dartford tunnel

Cars in the Dartford Tunnel

Back home: cat-up-a-tree

Soph-bags leaps out of a tree

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Max sits in the back of the van