Lavenham Road Trip and Nosher's New Car - 14th October 2007

Nosher finally gives in to an itch that's been around for a while, not least since spending a few months in California with a couple of Chrysler Sebrings, a V-8 Mustang and a Mazda Miata, and gets a cute little Mazda MX-5. For its first weekend, we take a spin out from Cambridge through the picturesque town of Lavenham in Suffolk. Most of the next day is spent cleaning, t-cutting and waxing it, but we get a bit of a drive around Suffolk in the gorgeous summer-like autumn afternoon.

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In Isobel's garden, a collared dove looks at Nosher quizically

The main street through Lavenham

A slightly crooked house

Isobel walks past a K6 phone box

Nice gardens and a quaint house

Old-school baker's signs

The Market Cross, Lavenham

Isobel has a bit of a cream tea in the Corpus Christi Guildhall, Lavenham

Cakes and bottles in the window

More cute houses

The lime-washed exterior of the Lavenham guildhall

Isobel is confronted by a million windows

Decaying wood on the guildhall looks like snowy mountains

A small dog waits hopefully for a bit of ice-cream

Iz looks at the town notices

Nosher's shiny new car on the road between Hoxne and Stradbroke in Suffolk

A Suffolk lane

Nosher in his new toy

Isobel has a go

Isobel looks ready to speed off

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In Isobel's garden, a collared dove looks at Nosher quizically