Isobel in a Cambridge noodle bar near the Cornhall

Isobel in a Cambridge noodle bar near the Cornhall

A wrecked pedestrian crossing light

A destroyed traffic-light post on Coldham's Lane

A wrecked pelican crossing

There's a gathering of office chairs in Taptu's reception

Isobel works on packing apples

Sophie the cat wanders past looking for attention

The Old Chap interacts with Soph-bags

Nosher's dad sits in the garden

A hive of activity

Some pheasant feet tracks on the roof of the car

A gap through an oak tree

Isobel on the pier at Southwold

In Southwold, a seagull on a groyne

On the pier, lightbulbs on a string

A dog with a cone on its head

Foam on the clear sea laps at the shoreline

The town of Southwold, as seen from the pier

Sponsors' plaques around the pier

The end of the pier

Another Tim Hunkin project: a sea-height guage

The sea-height/tide guage, with the Old Chap reflected

Another amusing plaque on the pier

Coins tossed on a pier post

Isobel has a look at a comedy telescope

The copper dudes on the water clock have a wee

Chap and Isobel walk the prom

Southwold Pier

The legs of Southwold Pier

The inshore lifeboat runs about

Amusement arcade on the pier

A neon amusements sign

The car park sign has been fenced off

The flood gates are up for the winter

Coaches only: certainly no picnicers

The cows of Coldham's Common in the morning on the cycle to work

The grape harvest

Isobel picks grapes