A Trip to Aldeburgh, Suffolk - 10th August 2006

Just before heading over to Dublin to meet Isobel's family, Isobel visits Nosher's Mother and stepdad at their rented cottage in Friston, Suffolk. We only have an evening of it, and so after a short walk around, we go out for dinner at the great Regatta seafood restaurant in Aldeburgh, on the coast of Suffolk.

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Isobel, Mother and Mike on the shingle beach of Aldeburgh

Isobel goes for a paddle in the freezing North Sea

Mother and Mike on the beach

A cool swirly fish-shape made of pebbles

Fishing boat on the beach

We just miss the inshore lifeboat putting to sea. The remaining crew mill around

A bronze dog statue, which looks sot unlike Nipper, the HMV dog

Flowerbeds near the Aldeburgh Moot Hall

Isobel looks around the 16th Century Moot Hall

Aldeburgh Moot Hall and the seafront promenade

Fresh Fish!

An old winch

Nice Aldeburgh window with blinds

Groovy old-school petrol station

'Drink Doggie, Drink' - a dog-watering fountain by the Regatta Restaurant

Mike and Mother in Regatta

Isobel chooses food

Other diners in the restaurant

Isobel with a glass of white wine

Food arrives

Above the bar, the head of a Pacific Sailfish (aparently the fastest fish in the sea)

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Isobel, Mother and Mike on the shingle beach of Aldeburgh