Blackrock, Dublin, Ireland - 11th-13th August 2006

It's Nosher's first trip to Ireland: Dublin's been on the list for ages, so it's a great opportunity to combine both a look around some of the city, with a first meeting of Isobel's family (on the occasion of Isobel's Ma's birthday). Notwithstanding the over-reaction of the police state and the banning of everything (including carry-on luggage) on account of some paranoia-du-jour, we make it out of Stansted airport with barely half-an-hour's delay. Subsequently, we pitch up in the town of Blackrock, south of Dublin, in time to meet a couple of Is's brothers in Tonic Bar for last orders (well, actually several orders) where I get to drink Irish Guiness for the first time. The following day, after walking the dog (Oscar), we head over to the parents, and on to a seafood lunch in The Purty Kitchen in Dun Laoghaire and then go for a wander to the end of the pier (breakwater) and back, rounded off with a poke around Blackrock's curio market.

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In the morning, Isobel gets some flowers for her Ma's birthday

The flowershop door

Walking down past the station, bouquet firmly in hand

Oscar is admonished for nearly knocking over all the tea cups

Mr D holds Oscar

Nosher and Isobel take the dog for a walk

In the park: graffiti on a Martello tower

Oscar mills around on the waterfront

The dog hurls himself out of the sea

Isobel's brother - James - looks enigmatic

Oscar chases balls (and bounces completely off the ground)

By the railway, a nice rusted fence

A couple of hardcore fisherment loiter at the base of a diving platform

Isobel and Evelyn in the Purty Kitchen

James, Aurora and Isobel chat

Nosher chats to Isobel's Ma

Our table in The Purty Kitchen

On the breakwater, Isobel stares intently out to sea

Nice rust on a derelict oil tank at the end of the pier

Rivets, and flakes of rusting iron

On the end of the pier

Meanwhile, there are several yacht races occuring out to sea

On the way back, we see three girls who have been fishing

Isobel rummages for a book in Blackrock's market

A market stall sells vinyl

Curio stalls and bunting - Blackrock Market

Isobel roams around Blackrock Market

Three gargoyle heads on a windowsill

An old lady is helped along

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In the morning, Isobel gets some flowers for her Ma's birthday