Three Nights of Music: Cord, Yaxley and the Tilting Sky, Norfolk and Suffolk - 21st January 2006

Just like when Phil Collins played at Live Aid in 1985 and then flew on Concorde to Philadelphia to play in the American leg of the same concert, Alex Hill went from playing a set at Revolution Records' closing-down party to a gig shortly afterwards at Yaxley Village Hall. Nosher followed on a bit later, by bicycle, to meet up with Marc and Sue, Bill and The Boy Phil, where there's a chance to see Warren Sadiwskyj, Sam & Daisy and Alex Hill play acoustic numbers to a packed hall. Before that, epic local band Cord are playing at the Arts Center, and after Nosher's at the Arts Centre in Norwich again to see the Tilting Sky's launch night, with access-all-areas and everything. Nosher had been following several of the bands involved for a while, and some photos had featured on band CDs and flyers for events, so by way of thanks organiser Craig Hill put Nosher, The Boy Phil and Bill's name on the door for free tickets. As well as Alex Hill, we also get to see various acts covering acoustic moments from Andrew Taylor, through to more enegertic indie rock from Vanilla Kick, Tommy Twist and the Jive and SevenDayStory

next album: Revolution Records' Epilogue, and a Night in Cambridge - 27-28th January 2006
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Bass guitar and pink lighting at Norwich Arts Centre

Cord do their thing

Some keyboard action

Sam and Daisy during their set

Simon, the guy from Mellis, adds some Blues Harp

Warren Sadiwskyj does a bit of Crowded House

Tom Folkard on the desk

Alex Hill, fresh from her Revs gig

Billy Boy

Marc, Sue and Bill chat to 'The Music Teacher'

Callum Duncan of Vanilla Kick

Callum Duncan again

Vanilla Kick

More Vanilla Kick

Rory Hill on bass

Andrew Taylor on acoustic guitar

Andrew Taylor

Rob Folkard

Paz has a bit of a string moment

Paz gets it on

Another bass moment

Stage energy

The view from back stage

Paz leaps about

It all gets a bit Mick'n'Keith

Tommy Twist go nuts

Alex Hill takes to the stage

Alex Hill on stage

Alex from back stage

SevenDayStory with a bit of skate grunge

Intense guitar


More intense skate grunge

Guitar and drums

The end of the night in the Arts Centre

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Bass guitar and pink lighting at Norwich Arts Centre