On Saturday afternoon, Geoff Sharkey is playing

On Saturday afternoon, Geoff Sharkey is playing

Punters browse the half-price sale

The Sharkeys do some music

Vinyl is inspected

People mill around scavenging reduced stock

A stack of vinyl LPs

Geoff Sharkey amongst the records

Geoff Sharkey

Hazel looks taken by surprise

There's a flea market on the market place

There's tons of food and beer laid on

Quiche and sandwiches

Random piles of CDs

Alex Hill plays a set in the evening

The Yamaha organg in place

Local Mere Quacks artist Mike Webb

Alex Hill after a song

Another regular gives the nibbles the thumbs-up

Alex Hill sings

Alex Hill in Revolution Records

Hazel pours a glass of wine

The evening event

Lou helps out on the 'bar'

A couple of regulars chat

Wayne Flatman models a very rare Revs t-shirt

Steamy windows: the front of Revs

More browsing

Lou and Hazel

More regulars

Lou chats to a regular

Mike Webb checks something out

Random 10p vinyl records

Mike Webb looks at CDs

The scene in Revolution Records

Wayne Flatman finds something amusing

Hazel is presented with a card

Wes gives the card thumbs up

Mike Webb and Nigel over a case of CDs

Wes pretends to play Bruce Springsteen's Fender

Wes's mate and fellow-regular has a go too

Posters and an armchair await their destiny

The beer is running out

The front of Revolution Records

The corner of a window display

A Beatles poster

More random music merchandise

Nosher's bike in the corner of the shop

A view over the organ

Mark's girlfriend, Mark, Hazel and Wes

Mark cues up the next track