Closing Down: Viva La Revolution Records, Diss - 21st January 2006

The end of an era. Over the last 10 years, Nosher has collected somewhere in the region of 1,000 CDs - at least 700 of which came from the great independent record shop "Revolution Records" in Diss (of those, around 500 were probably second-hand). It had become very much an enjoyable part of a Saturday to go in, buy a handful of CDs and then hang out for bit: a few weeks back, Wes was on the turntables playing Pink Floyd's 24-minute track "Meddle", which we both wigged out to, much to the bemusement of members of staff and passers-by. Sadly, most people seem to either buy only top-twenty shite from some supermarket, or download 128kbps crap off the internet; there's less of a place for somewhere like Revs which carries a much greater stock, second-hand stuff and some amazingly weird left-field Indie that I would have never heard of otherwise. To commiserate the closing-down, I'm invited along with a whole bunch of other regulars along to a do in the shop on the last Saturday of its existence. Playing a short set before her later appearance at the Yaxley acoustic music evening is Alex Hill, who played Revs last July with the Cracking Daisies, and Nosher is pursaded to do a quick turn on a Yamaha organ. Man, I'm really going to miss this place...

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On Saturday afternoon, there's another musical act

People mill around scavenging reduced stock

A stack of vinyl LPs

Hazel looks taken by surprise

Outside, on Diss' market place, a flea market takes place

At the evening party, Alex Hill plays a set

Local artist Mike Webb (famous for the Mere Quacks cartoon)

Alex Hill

Another regular gives the nibbles the thumbs-up. Nigel (right) goes for a sandwich

Wayne Flatman models a very rare Revs t-shirt

Lou and Hazel

Another heap of vinyl LPs, for sale: 10p each

Hazel and Wes are presented a card signed by everyone in the shop

Mark reflects on the card

Mike Webb and Nigel over a case of CDs

Wes pretends to play a replica of Bruce Springsteen's Fender 'Esquire'

Wes's mate and fellow-regular has a go too

Upstairs, a box of posters and an armchair await their destiny

The front of Revolution Records

Nosher's bike in the corner of the shop

The Revs crew: Mark's girlfriend, Mark, Hazel and Wes

Mark cues up the next track

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On Saturday afternoon, there's another musical act